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Vivaio Botturi

Vivaio Botturi has been operating, both nationally and internationally, in the green sector for over 30 years.
We have always put creativity and passion, combined with hands-on experience, into our work: we are convinced that there is no better way to learn about plants than by growing them ourselves.


Our nurseries are located in Lonato del Garda, just a stone's throw from Lake Garda, an extremely picturesque and lush environment that is a constant source of inspiration for us. Here we engage in the cultivation of open ground plants, young plants and potted plants.
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For this type of cultivation, we start with cuttings that have already matured, which are then planted in open ground. We can cultivate trees, shrubs, herbaceous, ornamental and succulent plants in the open ground. These plants need the right amount of light, regular care and plenty of space to grow.

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Young plants are the starting point for all our cultivations. We carefully select the species to be cultivated and take cuttings from the mother plants. The cuttings are grown in special greenhouses in order to control the various stages and subsequent repotting until they are mature.

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Potted cultivation consists of growing plants in different shaped and sized pots and containers. Plants cultivated in pots are usually smaller and less demanding than those grown in open ground. Potted cultivation includes house and garden plants, fruit trees, succulents and climbing plants.



We specialise in the design and realisation of green spaces with the most varied dimensions: from the few square metres of residential gardens to the vast dimensions of parks.
Each project consists of four main steps that we personally supervise to ensure a satisfactory result.

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About us

Vivaio Botturi has been cultivating more than 100 different varieties of plants, from the most common to the rarest, and with a total of more than 20,000 pots per year, in its nurseries on Lake Garda since 1996.
Our work does not only consist of cultivating in the nursery, but also includes consulting, designing, realising and maintaining various works, including green spaces, gardens, parks, parchi, terraces and pools.

Our extensive knowledge of plants, which comes from cultivating them directly, combined with our installation skills, enables us to produce unique and creative projects that enhance the space and resources at our disposal to the fullest, but also last through the seasons and years.

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