Open ground plant cultivation

Open ground plant cultivation takes place in an area that covers approximately 20,000 square metres of land, located in Bettola, a hamlet of Lonato del Garda. This is where our cuttings that have already matured in pots are planted, so as to ensure their full development. Afterwards they will either be root-balled, placed in tubs and put in the nursery, or they will be planted directly in the customer's garden, giving them new and further vigour.

Open ground cultivation photos

Our plants can also remain in this area for several years: during this time, they are constantly pruned and seasonally fertilised to become exemplary plants.


Our nurseries are located in Lonato del Garda, a stone's throw from Lake Garda.

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Young plants are the starting point for all our cultivations. We carefully select the species to be cultivated and take cuttings from the mother plants.

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Potted cultivation consists of growing plants in different shaped and sized pots and containers and includes house and garden plants, fruit trees, succulents and climbing plants.


Are you interested in using plants cultivated in open ground for your garden?