Round fire

Round Fire is the new project by Vivaio Botturi, specifically designed to enjoy the garden even when it is cold as a place to socialise and relax. Round Fire is a round, sunken, seating area, heated by a central core. It is also designed to cook food, thus creating the perfect atmosphere for an evening outdoors with friends.

Round fire photo
Round fire photo

Round Fire revolutionises the concept of outdoor space, standing out for its design and functionality.

The seating, made of EPS, includes a low-voltage resistor system that heats the back, seat, and floor, ensuring comfort in every season. The resin finish, which can be personalised in a wide range of colours, adapts perfectly to any style of garden. The central brazier, available in both wood and gas-fired versions, heats a stainless-steel plate, enabling you to cook directly at the table, making the meal a unique experience.

Round fire:

a new way to enjoy the garden in every season

High-quality material icon

High-quality materials for an exclusive product

Design icon

Modular design for easy transport and assembly

Heated seating icon

Heated seating with low-voltage resistors

Resin finish icon

Personalised resin finish in RAL colours

Central brazier icon

Central brazier for the fire and cooking, with wood or gas-fired options

Steel plate icon

Stainless-steel plate for outdoor cooking

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