Cuttings and young plants

The core of our production starts with young plants.

Nursery greenhouse plants image
alveolus icon

After selecting the species to be cultivated, branches are cut from the mother plant to obtain cuttings (little sticks planted to take root and give life to a new plant), which are initially cultivated in alveolus and in a special greenhouse to guarantee the correct level of humidity throughout the winter.

alveolus to pot transition icon

In spring, the transition is made from the alveolus to the pot, the size of which is chosen according to the future development of the plant; sometimes it is necessary to pot several times to ensure controlled growth.

sun or half-shade icon

The plant will remain in our open-air nursery or in a greenhouse, depending on whether it can withstand full sun or needs half-shade until its final destination, and will be fertilised and pruned as required for its vigour.


Our nurseries are located in Lonato del Garda, a stone's throw from Lake Garda.

Open ground icon

We start with mature cuttings for this type of cultivation, which are then planted in open ground. We can grow trees, shrubs, herbaceous, ornamental and succulent plants in open ground.

Potted cultivation icon

Potted cultivation consists of growing plants in different shaped and sized pots and containers and includes house and garden plants, fruit trees, succulents and climbing plants.


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